Hard floor cleaning & polishing

Viki Clean provide friendly cleaning, sanding and polishing system for every type of hard floor surface, including such as Stone, Tile, Granite, Terrazzo, Marble, Travertine, Concrete, Slate, Oyster...

We provide Sanding & Diamond Polish services in Nottingham, Leicester, Darby and London.
To get your hard floor back to its original, pristine condition, you will need some specialist tools and equipment as well as the training to operate it.
Save yourself the expense of hiring the equipment – and the time spent learning how to use it -
use our professional service for hard floor Diamond Sanding & Polishing.
Gone are the days when chemicals were used to create a shine effect.
Our cleaning system uses no chemicals, we simply use water and diamond cutting surface preparation and final polishing pads.
The Diamond Sanding & Polishing process means that an amazing high sheen finish can be achieved without resorting to the use of harmful chemicals.


In addition to maintaining the beauty of hard flooring in Offices, Supermarkets, Hotels, Airports, Shopping Centres, Schools etc.
The natural surface, polished to a perfect shine!

We use the most innovative and advanced technology for ultimate highest results!


  •  Clean, shiny floors every day
  •  Reduces total cleaning costs
  •  Environmentally friendly cleaning method
  •  Removes up to 80 % more bacteria than conventional methods
  •  Simple implementation – no change in the machines and procedures used
  •  Only water is required for daily cleaning

Our staff will arrive at your door fully trained, and equipped with all of the top of the range tools necessary
to get your hard floor back to its best in no time at all…



T: 0115 8700631
E: office@vikiclean.co.uk

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